smelly scalp hair odorsmelly scalp hair odorsmelly scalp hair odor
We're sharing this achived newsletter from about 10 years ago - 2003.
Are you suffering from an embarrassing & intolerable hair odor?
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Lora Stewart
Customer Service Manager

(May 31st, 2003, 10:10:32 am)

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Do you, or a loved one have Smelly Scalp condition?

:D Hi,

Try SAL3® bar soap shampoo! Active Ingredients: 10% sulfur, 3% salicylic acid. Inactive ingredients: Neutral soap base and fragrance.

The sulfur in the bar soap helps get rid of the nasty fungus that causes that odor. The keratolytic properties of salicylic acid works in synergy with the sulfur to cleanse the oil from your scalp that the fungus thrives on! Looking for personal medical information about this condition? Consult with your physician first, as always, about any personal medical matters.

Hi. I purchased your sulfur soap and I've used it a few times and must say I am very happy. The reason I bought it is I have suffered from smelly scalp. No level of cleanliness helped. Desperately searching for a cure, I read elsewhere on the web that sulfur can help do away with the smell. Your sulfur soap really helped. For the first time in years my scalp smells normal and stays that way. I went several days without washing my hair (just to test it) and it has done the trick when nothing else would. I Just wanted you to know about this in case you wish to market your soap for stinky scalps. I think there is another group of people with a more serious scalp condition called seborhhea and this may also help them. You may want to consider mentioning this in your listing . It has really done wonders as a remedy for me. Thanks.
Actual customer email testimonial received well over five years ago - January 31st, 2007
Click here to see her follow up. This is her method. Great success story. Thank you, and God Bless!

About Smelly Scalp .... If you've never had it, your lucky! Hair odour can be very embarrassing, and difficult to deal with! Once you get it, we've heard that some go through life with Smelly Scalp for a long time, and all the embarrassment that comes with it. It's so embarassing just getting close to people, because you know the odor is offensive to them. If you or a loved one has it, you know what that means!

What's a way to get rid of Smelly Scalp condition?

hair odor fungus smell

Hair odor from smelly scalp condition is a fungal condition, and the fungus thrives on oil from your skin. Regular shampooing with ordinary shampoo just doesn't do the trick. Only an advanced soap with lots of sulfur like SAL3® can act on the fungus, while it cleanses your scalp. Fungus hates sulfur !

We've heard success stories that the following shampooing regimen works wonders, and rids the scalp of hair odor.

Here's the reported procedure, :
First, wet your hair and shampoo with SAL3 bar soap, working up a generous lather. The SAL3 soap comes in bar form. Don't let that fool you. It provides lots and lots of rich, foamy suds, once you wet the bar and rub it into your scalp. Let the suds soak in for awhile. Rinse, and repeat. Then shampoo with Dial Anti-Bacterial Body Wash. The SAL3 can leave your hair a bit course, so be sure to follow your normal conditioner routine, after shampooing. Avoid applying any oil on your scalp. Reports are showing success in as little as a week! They are saying to continue shampooing with SAL3 for at least 3 weeks, to get rid of the fungus. Thereafter, it's a good idea to shampoo with SAL3 once a week, until you are confident that the fungus is gone. If you are allergic to sulfur, consult your physician. Also, remember that sulfur doesn't smell so good, so don't expect the SAL3 to smell like a rose! But who cares if it gets rid of that rotten smelly scalp odor, right! Also girls, take off any silver jewelry if you don't want it tarnished when washing with any sulfur product. Sulfur tarnishes silver, so just be aware.

Well, that's it for this month's newsletter!  Thanks for joining us. Send us an email and say hi, if you liked it! Bye for now - see you next month!

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